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Springtime Motorcycle Accidents

As we officially leave March behind, more and more motorcyclists are making their way onto Virginia’s roads. While the warmer weather is welcome to most, it does come with certain risks for motorists, as an increase in the number of auto accidents (and motorcycle accidents in particular) has become an alarming trend in the state in recent years. The increase in accidents is attributed to a number of factors, including more traffic on the roads and sudden changes in weather.

Regardless of the cause, collisions between motorcyclists and drivers tend to have devastating consequences, especially for the motorcyclist, who is much more exposed to the dangers of a blunt force impact. To learn more about your own recovery options following this type of collision, please contact an experienced Charlotte County motorcycle accident lawyer who can advise you.

Adverse Weather

Although we may associate spring with balmy weather and sunshine, the reality is that spring can wreak as much havoc for drivers as the winter months. Weather patterns in Virginia at this time of year are particularly well-known for fluctuating quite a bit. Residents could be enjoying sunshine and temperatures in the mid-60’s one day and see snow flurries or rain storms the next. These sudden changes can catch drivers off guard, reducing visibility, making road ways more dangerous, and ultimately, increasing the chances of collision. These conditions can be especially dangerous for motorcyclists, who are some of the least visible motorists on the road and are most at the mercy of the elements.


Keeping spring rainstorms in mind, the flooding of rural roadways during March, April, and May is not unheard of in Virginia. Unfortunately, even roads with only a shallow covering of water could hide more troubling dangers, such as debris, broken asphalt, and potholes, all of which, can prove especially dangerous for motorcyclists, whose vehicles are generally less stable and have less traction than vehicles with four tires. An increase in rain also means that there is a greater chance for fallen trees, downed power lines, and road hazards.

Traffic Concerns

Whether traveling for spring break, a road trip with family, or merely to enjoy the weather, motorists are steadily making their way back onto Virginia roads. This is not limited to drivers, but also applies to cyclists, pedestrians, and motorcyclists, many of whom have been cooped up all winter. Heightened activity on the road also increases congestion and the risk of collision, especially in the springtime, when drivers may find it easier to become distracted.

Vehicle Maintenance

Many people do their best not to drive at all during the winter. Unfortunately, these individuals often forget that because their vehicles were locked up for months, they may require maintenance and repairs. Failing to check the tires or the battery can result in a breakdown in the middle of driving, which can put both the driver and anyone else who is on the road at risk of injury. To avoid this, drivers should be sure to take their vehicles into a mechanic, who can check the engine, fluid levels, tires, batteries, windshield wipers, brakes, and a car’s general state of repair.

Contact a Charlotte County Motorcycle Accident Lawyer if You’re Involved in a Crash

If you are a motorcyclist in Virginia, being extra careful when driving during the spring months is critical to ensuring your safety. Unfortunately, even those who use the greatest care when driving could end up the victims of an accident caused by someone else’s negligence. If you find yourself in this situation, please call dedicated Virginia motorcycle accident attorney, Herbert E. Maxey, Jr. at 434-969-4873 to learn more about your legal options.

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