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Appomattox County Traffic Accident Attorney

If you an accident victim or a loved one died in a car crash, truck crash, or motorcycle crash in Appomattox County, then you need to call Attorney Herbert E. Maxey, Jr. Attorney Maxey has 40 years’ of experience dedicated to serving the victims of careless drivers in Appomattox County and throughout Virginia.

Call Herbert E. Maxey, Jr., Esq. today at 434-969-4873 to schedule a free, no-obligation case analysis if you were hurtin a car wreck, truck collision, or motorcycle accident inAppomattox County.

Why Should You Trust Attorney Maxey with your Valuable Rights?

Attorney Maxey’s clients continually cite Attorney Maxey’s care, compassion, and effective communication, in addition to his 40 years worth of experience as reasons to trust him with your valuable rights. Clients feel comfortable knowing that Attorney Maxey will explain your legal rights and options, take the time to ensure that he answers all of their questions and addresses their concerns. Above all, Attorney Maxey’s clients appreciate his well-deserved reputation for professionalism and integrity.

Although many attorneys practice in Virginia, few have obtained the prestigious “AV-rated” designation from Martindale-Hubbell®. Martindale-Hubbell’s AV-rating indicates that Attorney Maxey’s peers believe he has achieved the highest level of success attainable in his chosen area of practice. The AV-rating is the gold standard to which most attorneys strive,but few accomplish.

Appomattox County Accident Statistics

The Commonwealth of Virginia’s DMV keeps accident data annually. This data reveals that driving can be dangerous in Appomattox County. According to statistics available from the DMV, in 2017:

  • 164 motor vehicle crashes occurred;
  • Five people lost their lives, and
  • 84 people suffered varying degrees of injury.

In 2016, the RMV calculated in Appomattox County that:

  • 195 auto, truck, and motorcycle accidents happened,
  • Three people succumbed to injury, and
  • 143 people suffered injuries.

What is disconcerting about these statistics is that the RMV records indicate that only 11,000 licensed drivers reside in Appomattox County.  However, about one out of every 65 people or so was involved in an accident in Appomattox County in 2017, statistically speaking.

Virginia’s Law of Negligence

Negligence is the legal theory upon which an injured person may recover damages in an auto accident. Negligence, at its finest point, is the failure of a person to act as the hypothetical “reasonable person” would ina like situation when the person had a duty to act in a certain way. For example, cutting someone off in traffic by turning left in front of them is a failure to act reasonably. The prudent motor vehicle operator does not cut people off. However, cutting someone off is at least careless and a violation of the driver’s obligation to drive safely.

No harm, no foul if there is no accident. However, if the negligent person causes an accident that results in injuries, Virginia law will hold him or her responsible for the outcome, which is, any losses the person whom the negligent driver incurred.

Accident law in Virginia differs from most states in two very important ways. The first is favorable to a claimant but the second difference is not. First, Virginia is an “at-fault state” meaning that the driver who caused the accident is responsible for all of the other person’s losses. Many states have adopted a “no-fault” scheme where the driver is responsible for his or her losses to a certain amount.

The second difference is incredibly significant and is one of the most important reasons why you must contact Attorney Maxey for representation as soon as possible after your Appomattox County car, truck, or motorcycle wreck. Virginia ascribes to the old English common law doctrine of “contributory negligence.” The law of contributory negligence is outdated and overly harsh in its application but, none-the-less remains the law of the Commonwealth. The legal theory of contributory negligence holds that if a person, even slightly, contributed to causing the accident in which he or she suffered injuries, then that person cannot recover any damages from the other driver.

Speaking with Attorney Maxey soon after your Appomattox County accident could reduce the chances that you will suffer the harsh effects of contributory negligence. Remember that the sooner you contact Attorney Maxey, the sooner he can conduct a complete investigation into your accident and show that you did not contribute to the crash.

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