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Fluvanna Accident Lawyer Herbert E. Maxey, Jr. Concentrating on Car, Truck, and Motorcycle Accident Recovery

Getting into a car accident, truck accident, or motorcycle accident is a hassle if you are lucky enough to emerge from the wreckage unscathed. However, if you are unfortunate enough to suffer injuries or a relative tragically dies in a FluvannaCounty auto, truck, or motorcycle accident then your life could be turned upside down. Not only are you confronted with the emotional loss you suffered, but you might also need to replace the financial loss as well. You might be saddled with medical bills and other unexpected costs like funeral arrangements,purchasing a burial plot, and the like as a result of the negligent driving of another individual.

Even if you suffered from whiplash and shoulder strain, you now must confront inconveniences in your life to regain your health just because someone failed to drive safely. If you or a family member finds himself or herself in this situation, then Attorney Herbert E. Maxey, Jr. can help. Attorney Maxey has spent the last 40-plus years vigorously fighting for individuals who have suffered great pain or body and mind as a result of a Fluvanna car, motorcycle, or truck accident get the settlement they deserve.

Call Attorney Herbert E. Maxey, Jr. today at 434-969-4873 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your losses relating to your Fluvanna County car, large truck, or motorcycle crash.

Award-Winning Attorney Ready to Help You and Your Family In Your Time of Need

Attorney Maxey has spent his 40-year legal career fighting for the rights of victims of Fluvanna County traffic wrecks. His peers have acknowledged his dedication to his clients, his excellent advocacy skills, his professionalism, and integrity with Martindale-Hubbell’s® prestigious AV-rating. The AV-rating is the gold standard of excellence in the legal profession. The AV-rating is not a designation for sale like certain other award lawyers claim to receive. Instead, Attorney Maxey’s fellow attorneys voted him to receive such an honor.

In addition to being an AV-rated lawyer, Attorney Maxey is a member of the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association. Attorney Maxey is also dedicated to philanthropic associations because he genuinely cares about his community. As such, Attorney Maxey is also a member of:

  • Maysville Baptist Church
  • Buckingham County Ruritan Club
  • Buckingham County Chamber of Commerce
  • Buckingham County Historical Society
  • Buckingham County Cattlemen’s Association

Questions Frequently Asked of Attorney Maxey

How much money can I get?

The amount of financial compensation you could obtain depends upon several factors. Those factors include your medical bills, your future medical expenses, the amount of time you lost from work, any economic advantage you lost because of your injury, and whether you suffered a catastrophic loss. The value of a wrongful death claim typically depends on the “full value” of the person’s life, including expenses incurred as a consequence of the accident.

You must note that every claim is different and that the manner in which your accident occurred is also a substantial factor in determining your award.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer when the Other Guy was At Fault?

Handling a case yourself is dangerous. Personal injury cases involve more than just submitting bills and making a demand to the other driver’s insurance company. Auto insurers in Virginia will fight to prevent you from getting any money for your claim if they can help it. They will treat you like you know the law and will pursue every avenue available to win the case. The law of negligence and the defenses to it like contributory negligence are complicated legal theories which must be understood as thoroughly as a lawyer would understand them.

Attorney Maxey is well skilled in the art of negotiation and litigating personal injury cases in Virginia. There is too much at stake for you to rely on your good intentions by filing your own claim.

Contact A Dedicated Accident Attorney who handles cases in Fluvanna For Help Immediately

Herbert E. Maxey, Jr., P.C. has a dedicated staff of personal injury professionals whose mission is to help you maximize your financial recovery.  Call Attorney Maxey today at 434-969-4873 or visit the Live Chat app on his homepage to find out more. Remember that the time to file a claim is short so you must act now to protect your rights.

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