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Herbert Maxey, Jr., Esq.: Accident Attorney for Farmville

Have you or a close family member been a victim of an automobile accident, truck accident, or motorcycle accident in Farmville, VA? Contact Auto Accident Lawyer Herbert Maxey, Jr.right away so he can begin working on your case to win you the damages that are just and fair for your Farmville auto wreck.

Attorney Maxey has spent over 40 years fighting to protect the rights of people injured in car accidents in Virginia, including Farmville. You can feel at ease knowing that Attorney Maxey’s reputation — he was bestowed the ranking of AV by Martindale-Hubbell ®, which is the highest rating an attorney can receive — for excellence and success zealously representing victim of Virginia car crashes will provide you with the aggressive pursuit of damages you need to maximize your opportunity to receive a substantial monetary settlement.

Call Attorney Herbert Maxey, Jr. today at 434-969-4873 for your complimentary case review and initial consultation regarding your Farmville auto, truck, or motorcycle accident today.

Why Attorney Herbert Maxey, Jr. Can Make the Difference for You with Your Farmville Traffic Accident Claim

One word is which is needed to know why you should select Attorney Herbert Maxey, Jr. To represent you: Results. Through zealous advocacy, skillful lawyering, and effective representation, Attorney Maxey has achieved tremendous results for his clients over his 40 years of practice in Virginia. Attorney Maxey is more than a legal tactician. He carefully explains the rights, options, and possible drawbacks of his clients’ cases. Then, he guides his clients to a resolution of their claim that is just and right for the client. But, contrary to how many lawyers “counsel” their clients, Attorney Maxey will listen closely to all of his clients’ concerns and help them understand their particular situation.

Attorney Maxey firmly believes that effective communication with his clients is the key component to a satisfied client. Attorney Maxey and his dedicated staff are constantly updating clients on developments in their cases and remain available to address any concerns they might have.

Any Delay in Seeking Representation for Your Farmville Auto Accident, Truck Accident, or Motorcycle Accident Can Ruin Your Chances of Winning a Just Settlement

Virginia still adheres to the philosophy that any negligence committed by the claimant means that they contributed to the accident in some way and, therefore, the claimant loses. Very few states apply that harsh and unjust English Common Law rule. Retaining a competent, experienced, and successful Farmville auto, truck, or motorcycle crash lawyer could help you avoid the unjust application of the rule known as “contributory negligence.” Attorney Maxey will review all of the facts of your case with you and conduct a thorough investigation so that he can locate favorable witnesses and preserve their memories so that you can successfully recover damages.

There is no cost to you for Attorney Maxey’s services unless you receive compensation.

Herbert E. Maxey, Jr. P.C. Does not take a fee for your Farmville auto accident case unless the firm recovers financial compensation for you. A fee arraignment of this kind is called a “contingencyfee.” The contingency being a successful prosecution of your Farmville traffic wreck claim. We do not charge you up-front costs or out-of-pocket fees.

Count On Attorney Maxey’s Experience and Award-Winning Advocacy

If you or another member of your family suffered any injuries in a car accident, truck crash, or motorcycle collision in Farmville, or anywhere else in Virginia, call Herbert E. Maxey, Jr. P.C. To start your pursuit of justice for your losses, call Attorney Maxey today at 434-969-4873 or visit his Live Chat on his websiteto set up a convenient time to meet to discuss your accident claim. The time to file a claim for damages in Virginia is limited and, therefore, you must act immediately.

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