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Herbert E. Maxey, Jr. Esq.: Prince Edward County Accident Lawyer

You Can Rely on 4 Decades of Experience to Make the Difference for You

Prince Edward County has seen its share of motor vehicle accidents over the last two years. We do not know how 2018 will turn out, but if this year is anything like the previous two years, many people will suffer serious injuries, and unfortunately, some people will lose their lives to careless or reckless drivers on Prince Edward County roads.

If you endured an injury in an auto accident, truck accident, or motorcycle accident in 2016, 2017, or 2018 in Prince Edward County, that another person caused due to their negligence or inattention, then you could be eligible to receive a substantial monetary award. Additionally, if your spouse endured significant injuries or a close family member died from his or her injuries in a Prince Edward County car crash, truck crash, or motorcycle crash, you too could receive a sizeable financial award.

Herbert E. Maxey Jr. Esq.and his team will stand by you and forcefully protect your rights against greedy insurance companies whose only mission is to limit their economic exposure while making money for the company. Call Herbert E. Maxey, Jr. P.C. today at 464-969-4873 to make an appointment with Attorney Maxey. He will thoroughly discuss your claim and start the process of making certain that you receive the compensation which justice requires.

Four Decades of Service to Injured People from Prince Edward County

Attorney Maxey has represented injured people from Prince Edward County and all over Virginia for over 40 years. He has had the honor of helping people from all walks of life find justice after a negligent or reckless driver stole his client’s health, freedom, and altered their way of life. While no sum of money can ever bring back another human who was tragically taken from us in a horrific car accident, replace the limb lost in a motorcycle crash, or ease the pain from enduring and chronic injuries suffered in a truck crash, vigorously pursuing justice will not only help you financially, but will give you a sense of justice that will help you heal emotionally.With that understanding, Attorney Maxey compassionately pursues justice for his Prince Edward County accident clients.

Additional Award and Accolades

Martindale-Hubbell® gave Attorney Maxey their coveted “AV” rating. Martindale-Hubbell’s AV rating means that in their prestigious ranking system for lawyers, Attorney Maxey has achieved the “gold standard” as voted on by his peers. Attorney Maxey never entered the business of representing injury victims to receive awards. However, heis proud of this achievement because it represents four decades of exhaustive work fighting for victims of Virginia and successfully negotiating appropriate settlements and winning jury verdicts for his clients.

Attorney Maxey has membership in legal and philanthropic groups as well. At the bar, Attorney Maxey is a member of the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association. Additionally, Attorney Maxey maintains memberships in such philanthropic organizations such as:

  • Maysville Baptist Church,
  • Buckingham County Ruritan Club,
  • Buckingham County Chamber of Commerce,
  • Buckingham County Historical Society,

Buckingham County Cattlemen’s Association, and

Prince Edward County Accident Statistics

The Virginia DMV compiled accident statistics from 2016 and 2017. In 2016, Prince Edward County experienced:

  • 380 auto crashes,
  • five deaths, and
  • 196 injuries.

In 2017, Prince Edward County had:

  • 358 car wrecks,
  • Seven fatalities, and
  • 204 injuries.

These deaths and injuries occur because people fail to drive cautiously. People who were operating while intoxicated, using their cell phones, texting while driving, or speeding causes these accidents. Careless and reckless drivers negatively affect hundreds of lives each year in Prince Edward County and Attorney Herbert E. Maxey Jr. will make them pay.

Contact Attorney Maxey today for Expert Representation

Do not merely trust your case to any lawyer in Virginia. You need a Prince Edward County attorney who will zealously advocate for you. Call Attorney Maxey today at 464-969-4873 to schedule a free consultation or contact via our Live Chat app on our webpage. Remember that time is at a premium and you must contact us as soon as possible after your Prince Edward County accident to avoid any prejudice.

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