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Powhatan County Accident Lawyer Herbert E. Maxey, Jr. Aggressively Pursues Justice for Auto, Motorcycle, and Truck Accident Victims in Powhatan County

If you and your family suffered adverse consequences of a car, truck, or motorcycle accident in Powhatan County, you deserve to receive full compensation for your injuries. Also, if you lost a family member in an auto, truck, or motorcycle accident in Powhatan County, you deserve to experience justice for you,andyourdeceased loved one.

We understand that money cannot replace a family member tragically lost in a traffic accident, or magically heal the permanent or long-lasting injuries caused by the negligence of another from which you suffer; we do know that receiving a substantial monetary award can help you feel like justice was done. Through Attorney Maxey’s 40-plus years of experience, we have learned that feeling like justice was donehelps a person heal and focus on normalizing their lives.

AV-rated Powhatan Accident Attorney Engenders a Client-Centered Approach

Attorney Maxey received the prestigious designation of AV-rated by Martindale-Hubbell® for his success in righting the wrongs suffered by his clients. The AV-rating is the gold standard in the practice of law because the award reflects the opinion of his peers that Attorney Maxey is a staunch advocate for victims of another’s negligence. While Attorney Maxey appreciates the award, he understands that the award is meaningless if his clients are not satisfied with his representation.

Attorney Maxey’s clientele frequently raves about his responsiveness to their questions and concerns. Attorney Maxey makes sure that each client asks all of the questions they have about their Powhatan County accident claim and addresses all of their concerns. Moreover, Attorney Maxey and his staff ensure that they communicate every development in a case to their client so that the client is an active participant in the prosecution of their legal claim. Proceeding in this manner, Attorney Maxey has learned, fosters an attorney-client relationship built on trust.

Types of Damages You Can Receivefrom a Powhatan Personal Injury Claim

The compensation you receive in a Powhatan County accident depends on several factors. The factors include the severity of the accident, the amount of losses you suffered, and the amount of pain and suffering you feel as a result of the crash. Some of the losses you suffered are easy to calculate, like your medical bills, your lost wages, and the property damage done to your car.

Conversely, other damages are more difficult to calculate and may require the use of an expert to calculate. For example, if you or your loved one suffered a permanent injury, then a calculation would be made to figure what the value of injury is over your lifespan, including how much you could lose in wages and possible economic advantage.

One of the most challenging damages to ascribe a dollar figure is your pain and suffering. What dollar amount could even compensate you for not being able to play with your children because a back injury suffered in car or a motorcycle crash caused by the negligence of another prevents you from experiencing that joy? In reality, no amount of money could replace that loss.

Attorney Maxey’s 40-plus years of experience fighting for accident victims helps him determine the sum of money in determining the amount of money to demand as full compensation for your losses.

Call Attorney Maxey today to begin the claims process

Call Herbert E. Maxey, Jr., P.C. today at 434-969-4873 today to initiate your legal claim for damages. Attorney Maxey and his staff will examine your case thoroughly and immediately get to work maximizing the settlement from your Powhatan County auto, truck, or motorcycle accident claim. You could also visit our Live Chat app to address any questions or concerns you have right away. Please note that time is extremely limited and any delay in pursuing your claim may irrevocably damage your rights.

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