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Head Injuries and Car Accidents

Virginia’s roads are dangerous. According to statistics kept by the Department of Motor Vehicles, over 127,000 accidents occurred on Virginia roads in 2017. These accidents leave many serious injuries, including head injuries.

If you suffer a head injury, you should receive immediate medical treatment. Head injuries can be slow to develop but potentially very serious. After receiving treatment, reach out to a Virginia car accident lawyer for help pursuing compensation. Herbert Maxey represents clients throughout Virginia including Charlottesville, Lynchburg, Farmville, and Danville.

Skull Injuries

The human skull is very hard, but it can fracture just like any other bone. In a car accident, a driver can crack their head on the steering wheel, the window, or even strike another passenger in the car.

Many skull fractures will not require much treatment other than pain management. However, some fractures can result in the loss of fluid surrounding the brain. A doctor will need to order many tests to properly diagnose the severity of the skull fracture. If the skull is depressed, then you will probably require surgery.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Any blow to your body or head can alter brain chemistry, changing how the brain works. These disturbances result from brain trauma. Many people immediately black out after an accident, although it is not necessary that you pass out to suffer a TBI.

TBI symptoms include impaired ability to walk, think, speak, and remember. Victims can also experience wild mood swings and personality changes. Some brain injuries also include bleeding or blood clots in the brain, though these are not required to have a TBI.

Moderate and severe TBIs can be difficult to treat. Many motorists need extensive therapy to recover functioning and mobility. You might also need medicine or therapy to manage mood swings, sleeplessness, depression, or anxiety.

Eye Injuries

Motorists can strike their eye on anything that they hit their head on. Also, shards of glass can cut into the eye, causing immediate damage.

Many motorists suffer damage to their optic nerves in an accident and are either blinded or suffer impaired vision. Even minor injuries, like retinal tears, warrant immediate attention to repair.

Ear Injuries

The trauma generated in a car accident can also damage the ear. For example, you might suffer ear pain because of damage to muscles or joints in the jaw, which can put pressure on the ear. Other motorists might injure the inner ear, which can lead to deafness or distorted hearing.

Facial Scarring

Cuts and abrasions might not be life-threatening, but when they happen on the face they can cause severe emotional distress. Facial scarring and disfigurement often require surgery to try and return the face to “normal.” Small scars might not be too distressing, but major disfigurement can be hard for many motorists to recover from.

Speak with an Experienced Automobile Accident Lawyer in Virginia

At Herbert E. Maxey, Jr., P.C., we are focused on assisting injured motorists get the compensation they need to pay for medical care, car damage, and lost wages. We have represented many clients in counties and cities around the state, including but not limited to Albemarle, Appomattox, Amherst, Buckingham, Campbell, Cumberland, Charlotte, Prince Edward, Nelson, Powhatan, Lunenburg, and other counties throughout Virginia.

For more information, schedule a free consultation today call 1-800-248-1950.

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