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5 Ways an Attorney Could Help You with Your Personal Injury Claim

Many people mistakenly believe that the only people who hire personal injury attorneys are those who intend to file a lawsuit. While it is true that an experienced attorney can make all the difference in the outcome of a personal injury lawsuit, this is not the only way in which they can be helpful. Most claims, for instance, are resolved through settlement proceedings in an out-of-court setting. In these cases, a dedicated attorney can play a critical role in helping injured parties negotiate a better settlement agreement with the at-fault individual or his or her insurer. 


Ultimately, hiring a personal injury lawyer after an accident is one of the best options for those seeking compensation for their losses, so if you were hurt as a result of someone else’s negligence, you should consider consulting with an experienced Campbell County personal injury lawyer who can walk you through your legal options. 


Investigating a Case 


One of the most important ways that a personal injury attorney can help with an injured party’s negligence claim is by investigating that individual’s claim. This requires an in-depth analysis of documentary evidence, like video recordings, photographs, and medical records, as well as an assessment of physical evidence, including vehicle damage. In many cases, this process will involve additional investigative efforts on the part of the plaintiff’s legal team, who will be tasked not only with assessing the evidence already collected, but in taking additional photos, obtaining more footage, tracking down witnesses, and collecting more witness statements. This evidence could make all the difference in convincing a defendant to settle a claim, or in convincing a jury to award damages in a particular case. 


Dealing with Insurers 


One of the most frustrating aspects of personal injury cases is dealing with insurance companies. Fortunately, injury attorneys have experience working with insurance companies, as well as the tactics used to reduce settlements or shift blame to victims. An attorney can also read a person’s policy and determine exactly what is covered and how much an injured party is entitled to receive.  


Sending Demand Letters


After investigating a claim, a personal injury attorney may send a demand letter to the insurer, stating the facts of the case and explaining the damages that the victim is seeking. In some cases, a demand letter is enough to convince an at-fault party to settle a case and avoid going to trial. 


Preparing Court Documents 


If an at-fault party or an insurer refuses to settle a claim, the plaintiff will need to file a complaint outlining the legal arguments that his or her attorney plans to use in proving liability, as well as information about the damages being sought. Complaints, and all other court documents, must be filed in a specific manner and before certain deadlines. Failing to abide by these rules could result in a case’s dismissal. Fortunately, experienced personal injury attorneys are well-versed in these filing rules. 


Litigating a Claim 


If, after investigating a claim and going through the pleading process, a case has still not been settled, a plaintiff can choose to go to trial, where an attorney can:

    • Present the facts of a case to the judge or jury;
    • Question both sides about the circumstances surrounding the accident;
    • Bring experts to the courtroom who can clarify issues of fact; and
    • Present convincing evidence to the court. 

An attorney can also ensure that both parties are in compliance with court rules and procedures


Speak with a Dedicated Personal Injury Attorney Today 


If you were injured in an accident, please contact experienced Campbell County personal injury lawyer Herbert E. Maxey, Jr. for help with your case. You can arrange for a consultation by calling 434-969-4873 or by filling out a secure online form. 

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