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Charlottesville Car, Truck, and Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Herbert E. Maxey, Jr., Esq. Brings Determination, Compassion, and Experience to Your Charlottesville Accident Claim

Suffering severe or catastrophic injuries in an auto accident, truck accident, or motorcycle accident can substantially alter your life. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may be faced with a lifetime of certain, fear, depression, and regret knowing that someone took away the physical health you once enjoyed. Compounding your physical infirmities is the financial uncertainty confronting you because you might not have the ability to work at the same job you once had, or work at all. Moreover, there is the issue of your new family dynamic. Your family suffers because you are not the same person you were before your accident. The only way to feel like justice is done is to make those pay whose negligence turned your life on its head.

If you and your family are searching for justice because a careless driver caused you substantial physical and mental pain, then you need Attorney Herbert E. Maxey, Jr., fighting for you. For over 40 years, Attorney Maxey has vigorously defended the rights of people from Charlottesville and all over Virginia severely hurt by the negligence of another. Attorney Maxey dedicated his professional life to aggressively pursuing damages for injuries suffered in horrific auto accidents, truck accidents, and motorcycle accidents in Charlottesville.

Why Turn to Attorney Maxey to Protect Your Valuable Rights?

Nothing can replace experience,and Attorney Maxey has plenty of it. Throughout his 40-plus years of practicing law in Virginia, Attorney Maxey has handled thousands of cases and encountered almost every fact pattern imaginable. His wealth of knowledge is irreplaceable. Whether it is in negotiation with a tough insurance adjuster or fighting for justice in one of the courts of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Attorney Maxey can rely on his experience and oppose arguments before your adversary can make them.

Many lawyers continue to practice law at a high level like Attorney Maxey after 40 years, but Attorney Maxey distinguishes himself above all of the others with his personalized service. Your and your family are not merely a file number. Sure, other lawyers and their staffs will treat you well when you first call or come in and hire their firm, but the personalized service stops there.

Attorney Maxey treats his clients differently. Attorney Maxey understands the struggle that confronts you,and the difficulties you are experiencing in life because of your Charlottesville traffic accident. Accordingly, Attorney Maxey and his staff will always treat you with the compassion, respect, and dignity you deserve.

Attorney Maxey firmly believes that a successful and mutually beneficial attorney-client relationship begins and ends with effective communication. Attorney Maxey and his team will keep you informed about every development in your case. Also, Attorney Maxey will make sure that he has answered all of your questions and addressed every one of your concerns so that you have a deep and thorough understanding of all of the inner workings of your claim, which arms you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your case.

Why Hiring A Lawyer Immediately After Your Accident Could Preserve Your Claim

Personal injury law in Virginia is complex,and any delay in pursuing your legal rights could cause you irrevocable prejudice. At the outset, Virginia law allows a two-year statute of limitations for personal injury claims. Two years is not much time and missing the deadline to file a claim will prevent you from recovering any damages, period.

Secondly, Virginia’s law of contributory negligence can prevent otherwise deserving claimants from obtaining damages for their injuries. The law of contributory negligence means that the claimant cannot receive compensation for injuries suffered in an accident if the claimant’s negligence somehow contributed to the collision. To avoid application of such a harsh and unfair rule, Attorney Maxey will conduct a thorough investigation of your wreck and accumulate as much favorable evidence as possible to demonstrate that you did not contribute in any way to the crash that injured you.

Act Now to Protect Your Valuable Rights

Call Attorney Herbert E. Maxey, Jr. today at 434-969-4873 to schedule an appointment at a time that fits your schedule. If more convenient, you may utilize our Live Chat option to immediately discuss questions you have about your Charlottesville auto accident, truck accident, or motorcycle accident.

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